Are you looking for a comfortable and inspiring cookbook?

The one, which won’t cause you troubles and will become a close friend in the kitchen.

Try Flourmet - it has what you desire! Delicious recipes for inspiration, lots of categories and many other benefits, which we are happy to provide you with!

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Where can I find the recipes to add?
In-app list. We have prepared various tasty recipes, which you have to try no matter what! Can’t invent a perfect dish for a romantic dinner? Visit our cookbook!
Cookery websites, social media and other sources. If you find a cool recipe, which should be tried right away, then just add it to the list manually.
Your own imagination and experience. Don’t forget your favorite recipes or the ones you have been told about. Create your own cookbook without obstacles!
Flourmet is more than just comfortable!
Guess why...
All the recipes are divided into comprehensive categories like Salads, Soups, Fish and Seafood, Meat, Desserts and so on.
Offline access to the favorite recipes. Just save the required one as an image to the Gallery and view it whenever is needed.
Comfortable recipe adding. You can mention all the nuances using specially-designed sections for time, ingredients, description and photos.
What can be done with the recipes after adding?
Don’t be afraid of losing an important recipe in a huge list. Just sort it by categories, date or name and find the entry you need.
Each recipe may be shared right from the app. Wanna give advice to a friend or just brag about something delicious? Easy!
The ready recipe may be previewed before downloading or sharing. There is no risk to save wrong information about proportions or ingredients.